Indian Single Malt comes to the UK



John Distillers, the producer of Original Choice whisky, selling 10 million cases yearly in India, brings its first single malts to Europe. Paul John Brilliance is a 46% abv bottling of a non-peated single malt using barley grown in the north of India, aged in ex-Bourbon barrels. It delivers a light, fruity flavour with hints of honey and spice.

The distillery’s second single malt, Paul John Edited, is a 46% abv expression featuring around 15% peated whisky – made using Islay-sourced peat. It has richer chocolate, vanilla and molasses notes. The whiskies aren’t older than four or five years, due to the ageing in the coastal distillery in Goa, South India,  where the annual evaporation rate is around 13%.

After having released its single cask bottlings in the UK at the end of 2012, John Distilleries chose the UK as the launch country for its single malts before introducing Indian whisky to Europe. The two expressions will launch in Idia as well, but the home market isn’t the prime target. The whisky will come to the US and Canada in 2014, followwed by Scandinavia and Germany.

John Distilleries intends to follow up the release of Brilliance and Edited with more single casks every 18 months.

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